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UX Design and Prototyping

Mobile Design

Smartphone and tablet IOS,
Android, Windows Phone

Experience Design

Interaction design Usability

Web Interface Design

GUI guidelines compliance
Heuristic principles


Website Design

Responsive and adaptive websites
Intranets, e-commerce, promo sites

Corporate Identity

Logo design
Branding guidelines

Usability Audit

Information architecture audit
Contentinventory, sitemap

UI/UX Design

Implementation Principles

With years of experience in the trenches, working with a variety of business domains and solution types, Rendered Source has elaborated on core principles of UI design and implementation that enable us to perfectly combine solution usability and functionality with quality of implementation. We consistently assure the following UI / UX design attributes of every delivered solution:

  • Alignment of business goals and end-user needs
  • Accessibility and ease-of-use
  • User efforts optimization
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Consistency and learnability
  • User productivity and minimum task completion time
RS utilizes wireframing as a basic technique to reduce the cost and risk involved in developing complex interactive systems. We follow a rapid iterative refinement approach, acquiring essential feedback early in the process and bringing focus to objectives, scenarios and intended functionality with increasing levels of fidelity.
RS uses mockups to uncover visual elements that clash, before arriving at the final, end design. Visual hierarchies, that shows the difference between design elements such as font and color, should be determined at the mockup phase of the design process. Mockups allow you to review the visual side of the project.
Clickable Prototypes are product simulations, interactive mockups that can take users through the various features of the product. They test whether the flow, the user journey through the product is smooth, consistent and easy to navigate.
Another tool in the Rendered Source tool belt, are Proofs of Concept (POC). A POC is a small project created to test whether a certain idea or theory about the product can be implemented. This technique is used to lower risk to ensure if a feature works the way you want before developing it into the product.

Consistency and compability

We believe that the key success of your app depends on its ability to run smoothly everywhere and be consistent across various form factors. Dynamic, responsive and beautiful, our custom-tailored HTML-based solutions push the web to the limits that were considered solely standalone application premises before.

Frontend implementation process


check_circleClient Approval

check_circleCertified BAs
check_circleExperienced UX Team


check_circle UI Design
check_circlePrototype Approval

check_circleOnline and Onsite Cooperation
check_circlePersonalized Demos 16


check_circle W3C Compliance

check_circleISO Certified QA Department
check_circleSecurity / Perfomance Audit


check_circleServer Testing
check_circleSelection of Tools and Technologies

check_circleIndustry Leading Platforms and Frameworks


check_circleEnviroment Setup
check_circlePrototype Integration

check_circleContinuous Integration
check_circleVCSs, Issue Tracking


check_circleServer Setup

check_circleKnowledge Transfer & Manuals
check_circleL1-L3 Support

End-to-end, concept-to-user
productivity, prototype-to-production

We take a highly transparent iterative approach to the user-centered design processes, starting with a thorough examination of use cases and customer’s aesthetic preferences and incorporating testing activities early in the UI prototyping stage. At the development stage, our goal is to deliver functional interfaces as early as possible to leave enough space for possible changes and improvements. Below are the tools and methods we apply to ensure seamless, fluid, relevant and engaging experiences for end users:

Discovery & Research

We translate segmental and unshaped ideas into well-structured and categorized functional and technical dicumentation.

Interaction Design

Rendered Source offers long-standing design expertise to incrementally produce stunning experiences from raw sketches to working prototypes.

Visual Design

We use or establish your brand-consistent imagery, color, shapes, typography, and form enhances usability and improves the overall user experience.

Front-end Development

Be it usability, performance, security, or maintainability, Rendered Source follows and enforces coding standards at the highest levels.

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