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Application Integration

Why integrate?


We translate segmental and unshaped ideas into well-structured and categorized functional and technical dicumentation.


RS offers long-standing design expertise to incrementally produce stunning experiences from raw sketches to working prototypes.


Be it innovate idea or a specific business objective, RS is ready to accept any application development challenge.


We take all the pains of integration at all levels, from incorporating yo cross-system data exchange and integration with external services.

We got it covered…

Being a seasoned integrator, we will guide you throughout the process and help you build sound Service Oriented and Event Driven Architectures.


Our experts thoroughly analyze your business needs and goals, identify integration needs and possibilities and advise you on strategy, design and solutions best suited for your existing infrastructure.


We determine the most suitable integration approach based on your requirements, risk assessment and current infrastructure, taking into account your growth targets.

Support and Maintenance

We provide ongoing tier 2 and 3 technical support ensuring that your solution operates effectively and without a hitch for years to come.


RS delivers custom-tailored integration solutions that comply with your specifications, maximize usability and efficiency and reduce TCO.

For any integration Scenario

Backend Integration

RS helps you deliver a rich set of services by integrating new software with existing corporate back office systems. Depending on your needs, we can create a consolidated backend for disparate solutions or integrate specific backend elements of different applications into one another.

Data Integration

Our experts integrate data sources across dispersed IT-environments, helping you establish deeper connections with databases and storage systems throughout your organization and facilitate data collection, conversion, formatting and processing.

Web Services Integration

We focus on web application interoperability with enterprise systems and 3rd-party web services via standard communication protocols. RS integrates your infrastructure with web services to ensure seamless communication behind the scenes and facilitate business transactions, automate processes, organize information and more.

API-Based Integration

RS makes it possible for your applications to piggyback on the online offerings of 3rd party services. We utilize their application programming interfaces so that you can benefit from fast and efficient interaction with payment gateways, geolocation services, e-commerce solutions, media services, advertising platforms, social networks and cloud storages.

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