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Application Security

Combining advanced testing technologies with extensive hands-on experience, RS brings its professional expertise to build security into your software at every stage of the development lifecycle.


RS enforces a comprehensive security strategy for your initiative as to identify key milestones and deliverables and permit the integration of security and privacy in a way that minimizes any disruption to plans and schedules.


Our team utilizes latest tools to take advantage of the most recent security trends and reduce the number and severity of vulnerabilities throughout all phases of the development process.


We are capable of taking over further vulnerability management by developing an initial incident response plan, implementing processes to test and apply critical security fixes, and providing L1-L3 customer support.

Fundamental approach to security


RS establishes an application security gate to assess all applications before they go into production.


We implement strategies to measure risks, incorporate threat intelligence, and enforce compliance.


Our team constantly monitors and protects high-risk applications in production to mitigate impact on business.

Weaving security into SDLC

Security Requirements
Quality Gates
Risk Assessment
Unsafe Function
Static Analysis
Incident Response Plan
Final Security Review
Release Archive
Core Security
Design Requirements
Attack Surface Reduction
Threat Modeling
Dynamic Analysis
Fuzz Testing
Attack Surface Review
Execute Incident
Response Plan

End-to-end application security testing

Depending on project objectives, security environment and current scenario, we select the most suitable checks for comprehensive security testing and drill down the constituent parts of your software along the development lifecycle.

Data Validation Checks
Authentication Checks
Session Checks
Authorization Checks
Buffer Overflow
Injection Attacks
Data Storage Checks
Error Handling Checks
Data Encryption Checks
Configuration Checks

Scan and

Network Security
dnsAccess Security
Data Security
filter_tilt_shift API Security


Compliant is the new secure

We follow the best security practices and standards right from the early stages of app development. RS mitigates risks by implementing OWASP, PCI-DSS and HIPAA requirements:


We make informed decisions about software security risks by referring to OWASP guidelines — the collective wisdom of the best minds in software security worldwide.


RS enhances payment security by following PCI-DSS, the most comprehensive set of standards to ensure the safe handling of cardholder information.


Our team helps you make sure that your organization maintains HIPAA compliance by protecting PHI while making workflows more efficient.

Security incident? We got you covered

RS has a well-established Software Security Response Process to quickly investigate, analyze and resolve security incidents that may disrupt your business:


We provide the solution and the watch phase resumes


Our team stays alert and keeps an eye on threats


The engineering team develops a solution


When a threat is identified, engineers are mobilized


Engineers dig into the issue and develop guidance

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