E-Commerce / CRM Integration

C3 Computers: Configurable Desktops, Laptops, and Servers

The goals outlined by C3 were to build them an e-commerce website with the ability for customers to customize their hardware selection, and to integrate the website data with their CRM system. The solution consists of three major elements.

Customized Checkout Process - The front-end requirements were to provide the ability for customers to easily configure desktops, laptops and servers during the checkout process and allow for the purchase of optional accessories. The administrative requirements were to provide the ability for C3 staff to manage these configuration parameters and SKU's through a GUI based administrative panel. The solution utilizes a custom XML set of product and SKU meta attributes for each desktop, laptop, and server, which C3 is able to easily manage. The result is a scalable and fast XML and AJAX driven product customization solution that makes it very easy for customers to build their own solution!

CRM Integration - Integrating your 'island' of website data with your CRM is critical when running an ecommerce website. Utilizing Web Services, LINQ, and GetConnect, we integrated and sync customer, order, and product information with Sage CRM. This integration solution allows web customers, orders, and products to be managed through the centralized CRM client.

Technologies Used - ASP.NET, C#, Web Services, AJAX, XML, LINQ, SQL, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, Mediachase

Roex: CRM Integration, SEO, Audio Gallery, Custom Affiliates, GIS Mapping Store Locator

Roex is a highly successful nutraceutical company who took their products and radio show to the web. We created their ecommerce website using SEO best practices, a customized set of promotional codes for the checkout process, an audio gallery, a store locator using Google Maps, all integrated with their Great Plains CRM system.

CRM Integration - Working with Roex and Tridea, we created sync services which connected Roex's website data with a middleware table solution via XML web servcies. Order and Product information is synced every 10 minutes, while Customer information is synced daily offering Roex a completely integrated solution!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Using optimized keyword strings for TITLE tags, Meta Attributes, and product landing page descriptions has increased their ranking in all major search engines. Connecting Roex with online blogging, and integrating their Twitter feed into their home page has improved their rank and use of Social Media Optimization (SMO).

Audio Gallery - Roex radio was listened to by millions of people in 70 different radio markets across the country. Roex Radio has now moved to the web by way of an audio gallery, streaming important health topics for those who are interested in leading healthier lifestyles.

Custom Affiliates - Affiliates can link directly to the website with an affiliate URL, which the website detects and displays the site with branded affiliate colors. The custom software also keeps track of each sale the affiliate makes for referral payments back to the affiliate.

GIS Mapping Store Locator - The Roex store locator is built based on Google Maps, using retail store locations affiliated with Roex. Using Google Maps, we developed an application which allows customers to do geographic based searches against the GIS database of Roex retailer locations.

Technologies Used - ASP.NET, C#, Web Services, AJAX, XML, LINQ, SQL, Windows Services, Windows Scheduled Tasks, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, Google Maps, Mediachase

rsCommerce: ASP.NET MVC Framework E-Commerce Platform

rsCommerce is a software platform created by Rendered Source. We finally decided to build our own platform because our customers consistently run into the same problems with other ecommerce packages. Our experience consulting for many customers with various ecommerce and CMS systems has allowed us to understand that there is a significant need for something better.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Most platforms do not make it easy for novice or SEO Professionals to optimize a website for higher search engine rankings. We've built rsCommerce with tools to quickly manage your most important SEO content and made it to be tightly integrated with Google Analytics.

rsTrail Server Integration - rsCommerce has rsTrail built into the platform to enable customers to enable hyperlink overlays, heatmaps of user clicks, and confetti clickmaps of where users actually click on your web page. This information gives you visual confirmation of how users are ACTUALLY using your website.

Checkout Workflow Customization - Your checkout process doesn't have to be inflexible and work exactly like the other platform demo. With rsCommerce, we make it easy to customize the number of steps in your checkout process, as well as allowing the option of having multiple checkout processes based on products in the shopping cart or promotions. It couldn't be easier!

Architecture - rsCommerce is built upon the latest version of Microsoft ASP.NET's MVC Framework and utilizes modern usability improvement technologies such as AJAX and jQuery. Using MVC, rsCommerce enables customers to maximize their SEO ability and separation of business logic. rsCommerce Integration Services exposes rsCommerce Customer, Order, and Product information to authorized parties for use in CRM Integration or affiliate program scenarios.

Technologies Used - ASP.NET MVC Framework, C#, Web Services, AJAX, XML, LINQ, SQL, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, Google Analytics API

Free Media Money: Online Discounts for Media Entities

'Free Money' is a software platform created by Rendered Source. 'Free Money' provides media companies (TV, Radio, Magazine, etc) the ability to sell online discounts and fully manage their discount program with their client businesses.

Discount Catalogs - Featured Discount lists provide media entities to give preferred space to their client businesses. Auto-complete search uses AJAX to help users searching to complete their search string as they type in the search box. All discounts are tied into an inventory management system which has the ability to spread overall available discounts by month and also set a specific date/time to create a sense of urgency for customers purchasing.

Purchase From Google Maps - Customers can search for discounts in their geographic area and actually view the discount information and add it to their cart directly from Google Maps! Each client business's discount in the system is mapped based on their address. Customers can purchase from local businesses closest to their home or other geographically convenient place!

Sales Reports and Commission - Free Media Money has the ability for the Media Entity to produce sales reports and commission reports which automatically calculate sales per sales rep. Reports can be generated on-demand, or set to be sent out over email automatically weekly or monthly.

Technologies Used - ASP.NET MVC Framework, C#, Web Services, AJAX, XML, LINQ, SQL, Windows Services, Windows Scheduled Tasks, HTML, Javascript, jQuery, CSS, Google Maps

Custom Software Development

Collection Agency Integration Platform: B2B Web Service Data Mapping

Rendered Source has developed an integration platform meant for integrating businesses with collection agencies. The services collect data in the specified XML format of the source business entity and translates it to the format required by the collection agency.

Web Services - Accepting the request from the source company is as easy as receiving their .xsd schema and modifying the mapping of the data to match. Once the match is made, the destination format needs to be configured into the integration solution. Currently the output formats supported are XML, CSV (local installations), and GnuPG encrypted .csv data file.

Security - From the source company, credentials are passed over a SSL Required connection for authentication before processing the request. All data is encrypted in transmission, and decrypted at the destination using secure private keys.

Technologies Used - ASP.NET, C#, XML, Flat File, GnuPG

T-Shirt Generation Software: Flash/Flex Custom T-Shirt Generator

We have created an online t-shirt generation software platform using Flash/Flex which allows companies to upload their t-shirt models and customers to add text and graphics to specified regions. This software is very flexible for both the company and the customer's needs. The output is a t-shirt that's customized and sent to the printer upon submission.

Flash/Flex Shirt Modeler - Our platform will allow multiple views/models of the t-shirts and placement of text and graphics. Using Flash, the text/graphics added show up in real time offering a true real-time design experience. The model accepts input of data/models in XML format from any technology platform (PHP, .NET, RoR, etc) and the output is exposed via XML as well. The generator is platform agnostic allowing for use on any technology platform!

Technologies Used - Flash, Flex, XML

rsTrail: Visual Analytics Tool

rsTrail is a software platform and online service created by Rendered Source. The goal of rsTrail is to give visual analytics data to SEO professionals and website administrators. With the insertion of one line of code on your website, you enable rsTrail to track hyperlink overlays, heat maps of user clicks, and confetti click maps of where users actually click on your web page. This information gives you visual confirmation of how users are ACTUALLY using your website. All of this for a small monthly fee!

Hyperlink Overlay - If you have ever wondered which hyperlinks your visitors are clicking on, we show you the analytics data right on top of your web page. There is no more guessing, the stats are right on top of your hyperlinks!

Hyperlink List - You can view each of the hyperlinks on your page and the statistics of which links were clicked during a specified duration of time.

Heat map Overlay - Maybe you're a visual person, rsTrail is perfect for you! You can see a screen overlay on top of your web page with a heat map of where customers are clicking on your web page. Not just any hyperlink, but ANY place on the X and Y coordinate surface of your website. We track clicks so you can see what elements are attracting users to click on them.

Confetti Click map - Every click is mapped out with a color coded 'dot' and we allow you to filter by user variables such as Operating System, Browser Version, Screen Resolution, Referrer, Country, Java Enabled, Flash Enabled, IP, Port, and more! You can finally truly understand the users who are visiting your website and can make design decisions to convert more sales!

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