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Out of the box thinking drives our dedication to creating products thet push the limit of business seccess!

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Forward thinking and unique development has driven Rendered Source to build and deliver products that create opportunities for business. Our products have been implemented and produced successfully for many businesses and for Rendered Source. Our products allow for efficiency improvements, ROI, performance advancements and meet the standards of increasing the bottom line.



RStrail is a product developed to take user analysis to another level. RStrail is a web service product developed to complement traditional analytics tools by allowing individuals to track and analyze user behavior. By tracking user mouse click activity and IP address tracking, RStrail uses such features as Heatmaps, ClickMaps, Overlay and Geotracker to help identify user behavior on websites.

Free Money

Free Media Money

Free Media Money is a discount offer program designed by Rendered Source to allow multiple media outlets such as television, radio, newsprint and magazines to offer discount products for their advertisers through an online web interface which can be integrated with existing web portals or as a stand-alone application. Discount offers are typically in the form of ½ price discount coupons which are purchased online and downloaded via a dynamically produced PDF.



RSCommerce is the unique ecommerce platform designed and developed by Rendered Source. Our vast experience in custom ecommerce integration has allowed us to develop this robust solution to meet our customers’ needs for ecommerce.

Giving Local

Giving Local

Giving Local is an online donation service that allows charities and/or individuals to easily and safely collect donations in a centralized location. Our proprietary solution is the safest and easiest way where local and national charities and fundraising organizations collect donations from their members. Additionally, the Giving Local platform serves as a specific search engine for charitable organizations allowing individuals to search for local charities that they would like to donate to. Our unique map functionality will easily and effectively guide users to local charities of their choice. Giving Local has advanced reporting capabilities built in to allow for complete transparency on transactions that take place for your records.

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